Intra-Turtle-Business Links

Times are tough. Most of us know each other and even like each other, so who not promote the active Turtles' Professions or Crafts, throw some business around each other and thus have more resources to enjoy nicer trips together. Active Turtles only, no spam. And while we know each other hiking, whatever you do outside hiking together for services or work is between you, and I nor ePeaks want to hear about it.

Ratna Wahjudi, Real Estate Broker,
Admiral Reatly Eastside; 601 108th Ave NE, Ste 1900
Bellevue, WA 98004; Direct: 206-383-8110
E-Mail Ratna or Website(coming soon)
Ratna in ePeaks
  • For your Residential Real Estate needs
  • Buyer or Seller Agent
  • English or Chinese
  • Bridget Smith, Designer & Permitting,
    Bridget Smith Consulting; Seattle
    Direct: 206-721-8404
    E-Mail Bridget or Website
    Bridget in ePeaks
  • Residential building design (new and remodels) for wise use of space and materials
  • Permitting, working with the local jurisdiction
  • Green/sustainable building consulting including the entire site
  • Tim Geil, BS, LMP, Manual Therapy
    Tim Geil
    519 NE 165th Ave
    Shoreline, WA 98155
    Direct: 206-365-0110
    E-Mail Tim at
    Honorary Peaks Member: "We break it, Tim fixed it"
  • Effective treatment of shoulder, knee, ankle, hip and back injuries
  • Osteopathic approach and techniques
  • Practicing for 18 years
  • Barbara Loftus, Posture Alignment
    Barbara Loftus, NexStep Therapy
    2801 1st Ave
    Seattle, WA 98121
    Direct: 206-403-8471
    E-Mail Barbara at or Website
    Barbara in ePeaks
  • Posture analysis to pinpoint the underlying cause of pain and identify dysfunctions at the major load joints.
  • Customized menu of corrective exercises to eliminate pain and restore proper functional alignment.