Hiking, Scramble & Backpacking Equipment

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Val says: "If it's not listed here, you don't need it!"

The insulated Air Core is a breeze to inflate thanks to the plastic-coated EZ-Flate mouthpiece, which includes a non-breakable brass valve. To inflate, simply twist the black part of the valve counter-clockwise and blow. You can rest assured that the pad won't leak when you bring it home, as each Air Core is individually inflated and tested. And should you eventually need to patch a leak, you can turn to the repair kit, which is located in a small pocket on the inside of the stuff sack.

Have cords and straps to carry snow shoes, ice-axe etc. Most often you carry such equipment, and most packs don't come with enough straps.

You also need Probes and a few Snow Shovels/group