P assion for mountains
E nthusiasm for 5000 ft
A dventurous scrambling
K omradery for camping
S nacks to share
Mountain Turtles' Schedule on www.meetup/ePeaks/
See you there!!!


Make friends at Gourmet Potlucks for hiking, climbing, skiing, kayaking, diving, traveling, flying and any other crazy activity.

This is not a club, nor a dating service, just an opportunity for people to make friends and meet other active outdoor enthusiasts.

While most activities involve hiking, skiing & sailing or just getting together at Gourmet Potlucks, it is up to all participants to organize outings and events. Check out our Peaks Diary and Pictures, and our future Goals & Dreams.

Be equipped for anything with the Ten Essentials, carry the 11th/Missing Essential and practice our ABC's For a Great Hike for all involved.

Be safe and use Common Sense/Disclaimers to stay out of trouble. If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas on how to improve what we do, contact val