Passion for mountains
Enthusiasm for 5000 ft
Adventurous scrambling
Komradery for camping
S nacks to share

While most of us are standing firmly on the ground, some of us haven't "grown up" yet and still like to plan adventures and fulfill crazy ideas. AND when WE die, we won't say, "I would have liked to do that too."

Some of these ideas are:

And having experiences some of these trips with great friends and outdoor enthusiasts with mountaineersmanship, not just "peak-collectors" as it sometimes happens. And if possible, sharing these experiences with loved ones and partners.

For the more grouned ones, some goals in Washington are:

  • Davis Peak out of Cle Elum
  • Tomi Hoy Yellow Aster Butte, North of Mt. Baker
  • Shuksan
  • Elderado
  • Mt. Maude
  • Dragon Tail
  • Mesahchie Peak