Passion for mountains
Enthusiasm for 5000 ft
Adventurous scrambling
Komradery for camping
S nacks to share

Peaks or Meet Up Groups are not an organization, club nor guiding service. It is a group of friends who get together to share adventurous trips, gourmet potlucks and other activities.

By participating in any activities whatsoever, all recognize that life and its activities are dangerous. Let's face it, at the end we all die.

By participating, you agree and certify that you have read, understood, signed and delivered a Liability waiver available from the leader, or at the website.

We recognize that any activity can be hazardous to your health and these activities bear risks and hazards. These risks may include personal injury, death, or property damage. Participants agree and state that they are in proper physical condition to participate in any activities dreamed up by other participants, however stupendous or strenuous they may be. All participants understand that it may be challenging. It may also be dangerous and hazardous to do any of these activities alone or together with other participants.

This includes false and misleading route description, equipment suggestions or use as well as meeting other humans or animals.

All participants accept these risks and agree to release "peaks", the trip or outing leaders, the potluck organizers, any clubs and other participants from liability for any and all incidents, accidents, injuries of whatever nature arising during or with the condition of any of these activities.

Anybody suing for spilled coffee or microwaving their cat, our activities may not be for you.